Just published – The Curse of the Ship of Gold!

Aboard the SOG mission

I’m very happy to post a link to one of the most in-depth stories I’ve had published, the fascinating and tragic tale of Tommy Thompson, a brilliant scientist cursed by the grandeur of his discovery.

Please feel free to check out The Curse of the Ship of Gold here!!!

In 1988, Thompson and a crew of scientists and adventurers discovered the remains of the SS Central America, a ship that sank in a hurricane in 1857. The ship was carrying tons of gold from the Gold Rush, making it the dream quarry of treasure hunters. Thompson’s mission drew widespread acclaim as an example of classic American ingenuity, but he soon learned that he had also unleashed the wild specter of greed.


From there, Thompson’s life was turned upside-down and would take him from court rooms to hoarded-out mansions to life on the run as a federal fugitive. He was ultimately captured after disappearing for almost two years and recently went on trial for allegedly making off with gold due to investors in the mission three decades before.

Thanks again to Narratively for taking on this piece and for the fantastic and classy look of the finished story!

One Response to Just published – The Curse of the Ship of Gold!

  1. John Nixon says:

    Thank you for your excellent article ‘The Curse of The Ship of Gold’. I just finished reading the book ‘Ship of Gold in The Deep Blue Sea’ and your article filled in what has happened in the time since the book’s end when Tommy Thompson and his group came in with the first batch of recovered gold. You are a good writer and I was especially impressed with your use of the word ‘absquatulated’ (“since they’d absquatulated from Ohio well over two years earlier”). It takes a thick dictionary to find this word and the only other time I’ve encountered it was in the 1970s in a public service announcement called ‘Learn Not To Burn’ where a kid did an impression of Howard Cosell saying ‘when carbonization of one’s accoutrement is imminent, one should absquatulate’.

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