Nonfiction Articles and Stories


Meet the Super-Serious Sasquatch Chasers of America’s Premier Bigfoot Conference (June 2017)

The Grisly Murder that Launched a Podcast Star (September 2017)

He’s a Murderer with an Intergalactic Alibi. And She’s in Love with Him. (November 2017)

The Plot Against the Principality of Sealand (January 2019)

The Curse of the Ship of Gold (June 2019)

The Mysterious Evacuation of the Sunspot Observatory (September 2019)

Judges Gone Wild (January 2020)

The Pirates of the Highways (April 2020)

America’s Most Flamboyant Private Eye and the 8,000 Mile Manhunt (August 2020)

The Weird, Wacky, and Wild Ride of Captain Cartoon, Father of Bat Boy (July 2021)

Popular Mechanics:

Oak Island’s Legendary Money Pit (April/May 2021)

The Pungent History of America’s Garbage Mountains (August 2021)

Atlas Obscura:

A €20,000 Monument to the Spanish Tortilla (February 2018)

The Ups and Downs of Being a Canal Lockmaster (August 2018)

The World is Studded with Artificial Mountains (February 2020)

Meet the Caretakers of Sealand, the World’s Most Stubborn Micronation (June 2020)

The Mexican Mountain Town Feeding the International Crystal Market (May 2021)

New Noise Magazine:

“I hope you enjoy my noise life” – the Fast Time of James F. Tarr, international gorenoise, and Elephant Man Behind the Sun (October 2020)

Dog Police Unleashed: Revisiting an Obscure but Catchy New-Wave Classic (December 2020)

An Homage to D-Beats in Goregrind: A History of what is Easily the Sickest Musick Imaginable (February 2021)

The Millions:

My Search for an Incredible Piece of Sci-Fi Trash (April 2018)

614 Magazine:

Podcast of Interest: Local duo launches true crime empire from garage (February 2018)


Today is Tomorrow: Watching “Groundhog Day” for 24 Hours Straight (February 2014)

A Motley Collection of Locals and Mercenary Vacationers: the 7th Annual Women’s Armwrestling Contest of Ocracoke Island (June 2015)

A Landfill is an Ecosystem Unto Itself: a Treatise on the Organisms that Call a Landfill Home

On the History of (Scarily Frequent) Powder Mill Explosions in Southwestern Ohio

On covering my first homicide (article starts on page 44) (Foul Play – Winter 2019)

Are undercover law enforcement agencies inciting violence in Minneapolis, and is this legally allowed? (May 2020)

Where do JFK assassination conspiracies fit into today’s conspiracy landscape, and why is this relevant? (July 2020)

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