Where am I? What is this?


My name is Dylan Taylor-Lehman, and I am a nonfiction writer currently living in the unforgiving xenoscape of western Texas.

My goal is to tell compelling true stories that do justice to whatever subject it is I’m writing about. I try to approach each topic with an open mind and an appreciation that it exists on its own terms. I particularly like longform journalism and narrative nonfiction, and most of the work you’ll find here is of that variety.

My work has been published in places like Gastro Obscura, The Millions, and 614 Magazine. I’ve written hundreds of articles for a variety of newspapers, and was lucky enough to work as a reporter for two years at an award-winning independent weekly in southwestern Ohio and in the Tularosa Basin of New Mexico.

My current projects include an account of the strange trials experienced by those who study Kafka, an in-depth look at the hard reality faced by a human who suddenly finds himself a quarter-inch tall, and a look back at a time when a number of Florida’s Supreme Court judges were engaged in wild criminality.

I am represented by Amanda Jain at BookEnds Literary, and my book Dance of the Trustees: On the Astonishing Concerns of a Small Ohio Township, was published by Trillium Press, an imprint of The Ohio State University Press, in 2018. (Excerpts from this book can be found on this site!)

I recently turned in the manuscript for my second book about the Principality of Sealand, a self-declared country on an old naval fort off the coast of England. An excerpt from that book can be found here and tells the tale of the use of bootleg Sealand passports to commit startlingly huge crimes all over the world. My Sealand book, tentatively titled Hail the Stubborn Kingdom, will be published by Diversion Books in early 2020.

Please feel free to get in touch about anything I’ve written! I’m always open to freelancing opportunities and to helping you ghostwrite or coauthor a book you have in mind.

In general, I love cats, I love tubing, I love to travel, and I love being outside.

I can be reached at theyawningchasm [at] gmail [dot] com or through the social media accounts associated with this site. Thanks!

A list of the books I’ve read each year since 2008 can be found here. I’ll try to keep it updated.


“Often – and in my innermost self perhaps all the time – I doubt that I am a human being.” – Franz Kafka


4 Responses to Where am I? What is this?

  1. Thomas Barker says:


    Just added this site to my favorites, and I will get some reading done soon. Just “sampled” “Kingsport, TN.” Looks really good. Can’t wait to finish. I want to wait util I have time to savor it. Keep the pen moving.

  2. rangerdon says:

    It was wonderful to find your article on the Muskingum locks this morning. It is part of our childhood, and also of a book I’m writing. We lived in the Locktender’s house in Stockport from 1949 to 1951, and in the newer Locktender’s house in McConnelsville in the early 1950s. I have historic photos, which I can send if you have email…. my WordPress site is: https://georgerstewart.wordpress.com/

    I may well do a post about your fine article – George R. Stewart was born in Sewickley PA and spent his boyhood in Indiana PA; he also wrote US 40, which has a few sections near and around Zanesville.

    Again, many thanks.

    Don Scott, GRS Biographer and Muskingum Boy

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