Thanks for stopping by at the Ohioana Book Festival!

Yours truly at the 2019 Ohioana Book Festival

Yours truly at the 2019 Ohioana Book Festival

It is rare that I get to spend so much time with other writers and so I was very glad to be able to spend the day hanging out and hawking my goods at the 2019 Ohioana Book Festival. Talking to everyone from science writers to novelists to obscure nonfiction writers was incredibly inspiring, and being asked to participate as a panelist in a discussion about Ohio politics was a cool opportunity as well. Living in Texas, I don’t often get the chance to talk about the Ohio township system, so cheers to the organizers for letting me do just that! It was an honor to share the table with other dedicated, smart, and interesting nonfiction maniacs, and simply being in an environment where writing and books are so appreciated was very moving. Plus the catering of the after-party was so sick – thank you to whoever arranged such an impressive spread!

I became aware of the controversy surrounding the festival the day before it started and was surprised at the embarrassing oversight that almost all participants were white. Ohioana issued a statement addressing this, so hopefully things will be different and better going forward!

Cheers to Trillium Press for arranging for me to be there! My book Dance of the Trustees: on the Astonishing Concerns of a Small Ohio Township is of course still available for sale. Thank to everyone who bought this book at the festival and for appreciating my obscure area of expertise!

See you all next year I hope.

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