4 Responses to “I tried to submit a tip on a suspect in the Jon Benet Ramsey case”

  1. B says:

    Sounds like he wanted someone to carry something out…please dont give up on this. JonBenet needs you

    • Sandi Patterson says:

      please give me a good description? ummmm… my man (well, ex) is a sociopath.. no emotions… narcissist, already investigated for being BTK serial killer.. he cannot stand for his neck to be touched,had a vasectomy.. no dna.. umm… maybe i am nuts, but

  2. Kimberly Kolbe says:

    I know someone in Elkhart, IN who spoke to this same man, the ex-husband of the piano teacher around the same time as the person you interviewed. He said quite a bit more to her about the case. I stumbled across your story in trying to learn the piano teacher and her (ex)husband’s names. Maybe the person I know and the person you know should talk.

  3. Some people still do care and will accept tips, will do a bit of investigating if possible, and will help the person submitting the tip pass reasonable ones onto LE.

    There are media people who you can contact or jameson245 at aol dot com accepts mail from just about anyone.

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